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HEARTRescued Animals Awaiting Homes Now

Call Gill on 0117 9535663 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

HEART was formed in 1996 and is based in the Bristol area.

Our aim is to find secure new homes for animals that have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats and many other animals throughout the South West and South Wales. Find out more about HEART.

This is just a selection of the animals that are currently awaiting new homes and the situation is changing day by day. If you do not see the companion for you please contact us as we may have just what you’re looking for waiting to come in.

Indoor cats

Heart has a few indoor cats looking for caring and secure homes. They range from 6-8 years and have never been outside. The cats have been in a very quiet environment so would be happier if their new home was also quiet so no children or other pets. Indoor cats are a big responsibility because you have to always be aware of doors and windows and make sure they are shut or that the cats do not have access to them. If you have had or are thinking of having indoor cat or cats please get in touch.


Sadie is between 2/3 year old and is very affectionate, she is very laid back and does not seem to have any cares at all.

Sadie is looking for a new home in a quiet area away from busy roads, she is good with other cats and does not seem to mind dogs but we do not know what she thinks of children so it would have to be older ones only.

Sadie has a fluffy coat which will need some regular grooming to keep her looking and feeling good.


Troy is approx 18 months old and is the sweetest little boy, it is obvious he has suffered abuse and neglect as he is scared and worried about what is happening to him but he is responding well and it will only be a matter of time before he realises his bad days are over.

Troy is good with other dogs and cats but because he is easily spooked he would probably find it hard to live with noisy young children. The garden of his new home must be secure and he will thrive if given a lot of company and cuddles.

Troy is trying hard to be clean in the house, he most likely has been kept in a shed, it should not take him too long to get it right but new owners must be prepared for maybe an accident or two while he settles into a new environment. Troy has the potential to be a very happy and loving little dog and you just can't help but love him back.


Lucky is 14 years old and when his owner died he found himself homeless with no one to care for him. He was somewhat traumatised by his ordeal and is still a little shy. Lucky needs a quiet home where he will be the only pet, he will make a super companion for the more mature. He has no known health problems and it is quite possible for him to go on for a few more years yet!

As he may still want a little potter outside, once settled, it is important Lucky's home is on a quiet road. Lucky will blossom in the right environment, it would be lovely to see this old timer happy again.


Badger is about two years old and is another little dog that has been passed from home to home through no fault of his own. He is lively, loving, very sweet. He needs a home with a secure garden, lots of company and cuddles.

Badger needs to be the only pet, older children acceptable. He really needs now to find the home he deserves where he can settle and live his life as a dog should, safe and loved.


Bella is about two years old and has never known a stable, permanent home having been passed around all her young life. She is now looking for a new start with people that will go on to give her many happy years. They must have a secure garden, no other pets, older children only. She has a very sweet and affectionate nature.

Bella will need to be given time to settle, to realise she is somewhere secure at last.


Bear is approx 8 years old and a very sad Shar Pei X. We think he must have had a very hard life so far so it is about time he had some home comforts with people who love him. He is a gentle boy with a very affectionate nature, unfortunately there are signs he has known some ill treatment so we are determined that this boy will never suffer again and will find a home where he can put his past behind him.

Bear's new home must have a secure garden, no other pets and lots of company.


Rosie is a very pretty black and white girl with a sweet and loving nature, she is two years old. Looking for a new home away from busy roads Rosie will make a super addition to the family. Rosie is being fostered in the Highbridge area.

Gouti and Callie

Gouti and Callie are the siblings of Lady, also rescued from a gutter in Dubai, but unlike Lady they did not come out unscathed. Gouti is the very handsome tabby and he had to have an eye removed and is practically blind in the remaining one.

Callie is the tortoishell girl and though having both her eyes she does have very limited sight. They are amazingly affectionate, full of life and just love people. They are looking for an indoor home together, they are big cats so need quite a lot of space, it would be a bonus, but not essential, if they had access to a safe outdoor area such as a totally fenced or walled garden or even a pen where they could spend some time outside in the sunshine and fresh air. These cats have adjusted very well to their disability though they do need to be the only pets. Both are neutered and fully vaccinated.

Sadie & Ronnie

This lovely pair of older dogs have been in kennels for a year after sadly losing their owner. They have come up to Bristol to try and find their happy ever after. Sadie will be 10 years old in December and is the little staffie mix, Ronnie is 8 years old and is, of course, the slightly bigger cross breed.

Sadie & Ronnie have been together for years and are devoted to each other, we would like them to stay together if possible. Both are very loving and affectionate, good with other dogs, they have never lived with cats or children. Sadie and Ronnie are desperate to find themselves a new home with a secure garden where they will get the love and company they are missing so much.


Bailey is an approx 5 year old staffie mix girl who was abandoned when she needed someone the most. It is only with the kindness of strangers that she is being given the chance to find a new home. Bailey is a very loving dog, good with cats, other dogs and she loves kids. She is good on the lead and responds very quickly to a command especially if there is a reward on the end of it (food of course).

Bailey is very nearly perfect except for one thing, due probably to her abandonment she worries when left so she needs a home with a lot of company and also a behavourist will give advice on how to help Bailey overcome this fear.

Bailey's new owners must have the time and patience to give this girl the llife she deserves, committment a must. Bailey will soon become a valued member of the family, you cannot help but love her, and with the right training she will be irreplaceable.


Emmet is thought to be about 8 years old and had been living rough in a car park. Local staff were worried about him and contacted us so here he is now looking for a caring home. Emmet is very affectionate but is still a little shy at times so would need a quiet home, no other pets or children and away from busy roads. Once settled Emmet will make a very loving companion.


Sparky is only about 8 months old and has been with us for nearly two months so was only about 6 months old when she came in. Sparky was trapped as a feral cat and taken to the vets for neutering where it was discovered that this baby was having babies! Sparky went into foster care where she had two lovely kittens, all are doing well. While in foster care Sparky has turned into a lovely little cat, she loves to be fussed and is very playful she can still be a little jumpy but never scratches or bites. It would be great if a home could be found for her so that when she was ready she could move on to a happy life.

It will be mid August-ish before Sparky can go. The reason we are trying to get her reserved now is that it will be very difficult to find her a home, her background will put a lot of people off (and she is black and white!). Sparky will need an adult only home that is very calm and quiet. She will need to be kept in one room to begin with so she can get used to her new people slowly and learn to trust them. Sparky will probably be scared on moving but once settled she will make a super, affectionate, playful companion.


Topsy is 18 months old and is spayed. She came in very underweight and with lots of fleas! This has been addressed and she is starting to put on weight, though she is a slender build anyway, she is beginning to look good. Topsy is a very sweet cat with a loving nature. She is looking for a home in a quiet area, she would be better off as an only cat, Topsy would be good with older children.


Missy is a three year old spayed female, she has come from an uncaring background and was quite underweight and very scabby from untreated fleas. Missy is now looking a lot better and will continue to improve over time. Missy is looking for a home in a quiet area, she will need to be the only cat and would be fine with older children.


Jasper is about 18 months old and is a cat in need of a very patient owner. He has had a traumatic life and finds it difficult to trust. He needs a home with adult/s only and no other pets.

Jasper's new owner must be very calm and kind, not expect much at all and to just let Jasper find his own feet in his own time. He may never be an overly affectionate cat but it is felt he may improve slowly in a calm environment if given enough time.


Zena is a tabby and white female and much of her history is unknown, she is looking for a very quiet home with adult/s only and definitely no other pets.

Zena needs someone who will let her settle in her own time and not ask too much from her at first, it may be some time before she is comfortable enough to respond to a new owner. Zena is desperate for a home to call her own.


A very special home is needed for this staffie boy as he is slightly brain damaged. He walks a little funny and can not be given any treats such as chewy sticks etc as he has trouble eating them, there is nothing that can be done medically for him,he was born like it. Kane is now approx 6 years old and has been in the same home since a puppy however with the addition of a baby and teenagers already there it is becoming very difficult for Kane to cope with such a hectic household.

Kane needs a very peaceful home with just one or two calm adults who will be there a lot for him and give him the time and companionship he craves. Kane is a very loving dog, like all staffies he can be a little bouncy at times, but generally is well behaved. Kane loves his walks but they must be short ones so it is important that his new home has a secure garden that he can also potter about in. Kane is good with other dogs but needs to be the only pet. Full details will be discussed should anyone be interested in offering this loving boy a home.

Call Gill on 0117 9535663 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

Recently Rehomed


Emily is 8 months old, she is a very friendly girl who could fit into most households as long as they did not have a dog. As always the home must be in a quiet area away from busy roads.

Emily is being fostered in the Highbridge area.


Kevin is about 16 months old, he is a very friendly, playful boy who is looking for a new home in a quiet area, he is good with other animals and would probably accept older children. Kevin is only young so will need a lot of company to keep him happy.


Lady is approx 1 year old and has had a long and troubled journey to look for a new home. Found in the gutter in Dubai as a very young kitten, dying, she and two other surviving siblings were rushed to a local vets. Many weeks later they were released into foster care but the lady who found them, and funded all their treatment and ultimately travel costs, was desperate to get them to the UK where she felt they would have more chance of happy lives.

Lady is not only beautiful she is very loving and affectionate, she is looking for a quiet home with no young children or other pets and as she has never been outside in her life the home must also be in a very quiet, rural area, where she can began to explore a little and feel grass under her feet and enjoy fresh air whilst still remaining safe. Lady is spayed and fully vaccinated.


Maxine is about 16 months old and is very affectionate though will be a little shy to begin with. She is looking for a home in a quiet area away from busy roads.

Maxine would benefit from being the only cat, she is not used to children. Maxine will also need a little regular grooming. She is now spayed.

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