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HEARTRescued Animals Awaiting Homes Now

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

HEART was formed in 1996 and is based in the Bristol area.

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Our aim is to find secure new homes for animals that have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats and many other animals throughout the South West and South Wales. Find out more about HEART.

Scroll down to view just a selection of the animals that are currently awaiting new homes; the situation is changing day by day. If you do not see the companion for you please contact us as we may have just what you’re looking for waiting to come in.


Poppy is 10 years old and came in because her owner could not afford vet treatment for her, she had a very bad mouth infection which resulted in the removal of most of her teeth.

Poppy is the sweetest girl, she must have been in severe pain before her treatment but she never stopped purring - or eating!

Now well on the road to recovery Poppy is looking for a home, it must be in a nice, quiet area and though she is very social we feel she would benefit from being the only pet in an adult only environment, she deserves for it to be all about her, to have all the quiet time and cuddles she needs.

Poppy will make a loving companion and friend for an older person/couple.


Missy is a young cat probably 1 or 2 years old, she is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Missy has had a hard life and is not very trusting of people, she will take a long time to settle and relax in a new home. She is looking for someone in a quiet area who lives a quiet life, she would not be happy with children or other animals. Missy's new mum/dad must have lots of time and patience and she must be kept indoors for the foreseeable future, she would also benefit from the use of a spare room where she can get to know you without so many places to hide.

Missy is a work in progress but once you break through her shy outer shell we are confident you will find a loving, affectionate little girl on the inside.

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

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