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Can You Offer a Pet a Home?

This year we are finding that our services are being stretched further than ever and we are having to put a number of the less urgent cases on a waiting list.

A few years ago we remember saying that we felt that the neutering message was finally getting through but that now does not seem to be anymore. Whether people are becoming more complacent or whether the current financial climate is having an effect we are coming across more abandoned cats and kittens than ever before and people who are getting totally unsuitable puppies for all the wrong reasons.

We are also frequently being contacted by Vets who have clients with pets that they cannot afford treatment for; their only option is to have them put to sleep something which thankfully most Vets are very reluctant to do. Of course this then puts the cost of the treatment at our door at a time when donations are drying up and we find we are having to spend more time fundraising just make ends meet.

On the other side of the coin the financial situation is making a lot of people think twice about taking on a pet, in itself probably not a bad thing but it means that animals are staying longer in our care and costing us more to keep.

However we will keep battling on with our usual optimistic philosophy that something will turn up. Thankfully so far it usually has.


If you feel you can offer a suitable home to one of our rescued animals please do get in touch with us.

If you can not take an animal on full time how about fostering? This is the hands-on part of the operation and one of the most important. Dogs are the most labour intensive and you would need a fully secure garden, to be able to take them for walks and not be out for more than 4 hours at a time.

Cats are easier and can be accommodated in a spare room where they can initially, at least be kept apart from your own pets if you have any. Rabbits, guinea pigs, other small furries and birds can be kept in a safe environment in their own accommodation.

We have also had occasion to rescue larger animals such as goats and horses so if you have a paddock or stable we would love to hear from you. Vet fees, food and equipment will all be provided if required.

You can contact HEART by calling Ange on 0117 986 8005 or email

To offer a home to one of our rescued animals call Gill on 0117 382 4351. The latest listing is here.

Click here for details of Rescued Animals Awaiting Homes Now >>

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