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HEARTRescued Animals Awaiting Homes Now

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

HEART was formed in 1996 and is based in the Bristol area.

Our aim is to find secure new homes for animals that have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats and many other animals throughout the South West and South Wales. Find out more about HEART.

This is just a selection of the animals that are currently awaiting new homes and the situation is changing day by day. If you do not see the companion for you please contact us as we may have just what you’re looking for waiting to come in.

Indoor cats

Heart has a few indoor cats looking for caring and secure homes. They range from 6-8 years and have never been outside. The cats have been in a very quiet environment so would be happier if their new home was also quiet so no children or other pets. Indoor cats are a big responsibility because you have to always be aware of doors and windows and make sure they are shut or that the cats do not have access to them. If you have had or are thinking of having indoor cat or cats please get in touch.


Fluffy is approx 3 years old and came in unwanted and pregnant, she's been a good mum and has just been spayed, as you can see, and it's now her turn to find a home that does want her.

Fluffy is a very friendly, loving girl who is used to children and other cats, she is very laid back and will make a super addition to any family, she has such a lot of love to give. Fluffy is being fostered in Highbridge.


Midnight is 12 months old and is looking for a quiet loving home with no children.

This poor little boy has been subject to constant abuse for a long time, he is friendly but has not been left unscathed, he becomes very distressed if he is picked up, he can be smoothed and fussed over but cuddles will have to wait until he trusts you.


Tabby is about 3 years old and is looking for a home where she can be the only pet, she is part Bengal so is very friendly and vocal, she loves to have a chat!.

Tabby will make a lovely companion, she also has an independent streak so at times she will want to do her own thing. As usual her home must bi in a quiet area.


Sophie is approx 16 months old and has spent most of her life fending for herself, she eventually ended up in rescue heavily pregnant, she had her babies and was a fantastic mum, she is now spayed and ready to move on. She is currently being fostered in Highbridge.

Sophie has a very sweet and loving nature but will be a little shy to start with so will need a quiet, adult only home where she can be the only pet, this will help her relax, settle in and go on to lead a happy life.


Teddy is a 7 year old jack russell mix who has sadly been through rescue before and now is adoptive mum is ill and can no longer care for him.

Teddy is a very loving boy and great companion, he is a very young seven so may still be too lively for an elderly person, perhaps someone newly retired would suitable, a secure garden and lots of time for Teddy is a must.

Teddy is used to being the only pet and though he is good with other dogs it would be best if he found a similar situation to what he is used to. Sorry no cats.


Sandy is 2/3 years old and is a very sweet girl, she can be a little shy to start with but will not take too long to settle into a new home though it would be best if there were no young children.


Harvey is our resident OAP, he is 14 years old and would dearly love his own home with a comfy lap to sit on, he is a super friendly boy who has not always had a good life so it would be nice if he could spend his twilight years getting lots of love, cuddles and food, his three favourite things!


Phi is about 12 months old and is looking for a quiet home where she will be totally spoiled. Phi will be a little shy to start with so would benefit from being the only pet and in an adult only environment.

Once she decides you're ok Phi is a very loving girl. Her new home must be in a quiet area.


Arnie is a very handsome boy who is about 14 months. He is now a very loving and playful boy but when he first arrived he was very, very scared and took a few weeks to settle down.

We feel therefore that Arnie will need a quiet home with no children or other pets so he can have the best chance of re-settling quickly and happily. As always we look for homes away from busy roads.


Blue is a 7 month old husky looking for a new home which must have a secure garden and new owners must have plenty of time to give him, husky's are high maintenance dogs(!!) and need a lot of exercise, usually on the lead as they can run off into the horizon if running free.

Blue is a nice boy, good with other dogs and children but he has never met a cat, he is currently living in Bridgwater while waiting for a new home.


Thelma is about 18 months old and was abandoned when her owners moved. Once you get to know Thelma she is friendly but her past has made her very shy and she will take a take a little time to become the loving little girl her foster mum knows.

Thelma will need a quiet home where she can get used to her new situation slowly and eventually blossom and start enjoying her new life.


Tanya is approx. 7/8 year old rotti mix, she is super friendly and having had a chequered life she is looking for a permanent, caring home where she can find the love she is so desperate for.

Tanya is a loving girl with a zest for life, she loves walks and food and cuddles. Her new home must have a secure garden and lots of time to make up for her years of being lonely. She would need to be the only pet and, as she is an older girl, no children.

Call Gill on 0117 382 4351 or email if you can offer homes for these animals

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